Be a Man!

I am tired of the planning process for dating. Tired I tell you. Email flirting back and forth. More email flirting back and forth. Phone flirting. Text flirting. And that’s all before you meet face to face!

I need to sit down.

I endure all of this for the potential stomach butterfly on a first date. What I will not endure anymore, however, is a man that doesn’t plan. We women wear make-up, spend over $100 on push up bras, try on 15 different outfits and even shave our legs for a first date. As a man, all you have to do it plan. Pick a restaurant, pick a bar, pick a hiking trail. Just pick already and let us know.

I just traded my third email with a potential date on where we should meet, what time and what day. He is no longer, Mr. Potential Boyfriend or even Mr. Potential Anything. He has become an “TBD” in my outlook calendar – moving in a shuffle with the rest of the things I have to write down so I remember to pay attention to them. He is an outlook object.

Don’t be an object. Be a Man! Plan!

2 thoughts on “Be a Man!”

  1. Good post!

    A friend read it and said, “But we sometimes spend over $100 on a date with a girl, and that’s a one-time thing. She gets to use that over-$100-push-up-bra again and again on multiple occasions.”


    I for one, thank you for the push-up bras.

  2. I totally agree. Men, you can go to the gym, you can wear that expensive shirt and you can even compliment our shoes. But if you’re a “MAN WITH A PLAN” roll me over and cool me off! There is nothing sexier than a man with a plan!

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