Why DatingThoughts.com?

Ok, I am quite excited that DatingThoughts.com has finally launched. Mr. Write and I probably first talked about starting this site over year ago—and we just now got our act together. Better late than never I guess!

Why DatingThoughts.com?

For single girls and guys in their late twenties to thirties, dating and the search to find ‘the one’ take up so much mental energy. I have never seen a topic bring out such a wide spectrum of emotions in friends. Joy, excitement, anticipation, drama, regret, and worry… they are all here. It is a topic that everyone loves talking about, even (especially?!?) people who are not even dating! Most of my single friends keep public blogs or private journals where they comment on their dating experiences, give tips to the opposite sex, vent, and/or theorize as to the underlying principles of dating. So we thought, why not create a single blog/community were we can combine all these interesting (and often very entertaining) “dating thoughts” into one place?

DatingThoughts.com is an experiment really. Who knows, by reading and commenting on all the different perspectives and experiences, we just might also learn something. Please be sure to leave comments on the posts to tell us what you think. Thanks for reading!

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