Old-School Etiquette and Chivalry

Here’s a tip, guys. Knowing a little old-school etiquette can take you far on a date. Treat a girl like a lady – which basically means with respect – and you’ll earn major points.

I don’t mean you need to know which spoon is the soup spoon and which fork is the dessert fork. This kind of old-school etiquette is simpler than that.

  • Open building doors for your date

    Every time you enter and exit a building, hold the door open for her. For revolving doors, walk in first and get the door spinning for her.

  • Open car doors for your date

    Whether it’s a taxi or your own car, every time she is entering the car, open the door for her. Then shut it for her as soon as she’s in the car.

  • Help her with her coat

    If she’s wearing a coat, as soon as you both enter a warmer environment, help her remove her coat. When you’re about to go back outside, help her put it on.

  • Hold out a chair for your date

    When you’re in a restaurant, pull the chair out for her. As soon as she tucks her legs under the table, push the chair in. Since this one is so rare nowadays, some ladies will be confused as to why you’re holding their chair. I had one date walk to the other side, because she thought -I- wanted that chair. Go figure.

You can think of these as simple acts of kindness. Or bringing back some old-world chivalry into modern society. Since not many guys actually do these anymore, the few who do will set themselves apart and earn major points.

Even modern women who feel old-school etiquette and chivalry is chauvinistic will appreciate the kindness of these gestures. If she tells you to stop, then of course, respect her wishes and stop.

Otherwise, it never hurts to err on the side of etiquette and chivalry. Enjoy those extra major points, guys!

2 thoughts on “Old-School Etiquette and Chivalry”

  1. True, these things will score you some extra points
    except for me, personally, I would probably get annoyed if a guy tried to help me with my coat. I mean, it’s thoughtful, and a nice gesture, but inside I would probaby be thinking “can you stop touching me?! I can take it off faster on my own, thanks.” however, taking my coat once it’s off would be nice (though it only really applies if I’m at his place, not really on a date)

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