Why Do Girls Go For Assholes?

“I dont need a survey, research, nothing. No empirical eveidence necessary. I’ve seen it with my two eyes. Women date assholes like it’s their job.”

It’s a mystery that confounds many men. Why do so many attractive and seemingly intelligent women go for assholes? These guys treat them poorly, disrespect them, and get away with all kinds of crap. Yet women swoon and get weak in the knees for them, time and time again.


The answer: because while this asshole is dating the girl, he’s not an “asshole.” At least, not in the beginning. He’s charming, fun, and exciting. He makes her feel like a woman. Dating him is like a roller coaster with high peaks and thrills.

But when the ride dips, the cries come. Now he’s chauvinistic, arrogant, and selfish. He makes her feel like dirt. Now, he’s an asshole.

As a nice guy, you’re probably sitting there right now, fuming. “Will these girls every learn?” you’re wondering. “I’m a nice guy; I’d treat them well. Why don’t they like me?”

The answer: because you’re boring, passive, and uninspiring. You make her feel like an older sister. Dating you is like dating a sniveling subordinate at work who’s always kissing her ass and never exhibiting a backbone. You never have an opinion, you always want to do whatever she wants, and you don’t do anything to keep her on her toes (or make her feel swept off her feet).

“Screw that!” you’re yelling. “I totally do that! But some girls just don’t know how to appreciate me. I don’t want a girl who needs me to be an arrogant bastard around her!” Fine, then don’t. There women who don’t date assholes too. Really, there are. And they’re going to adore you.

But if you want to know the truth, it’s not assholes these girls are after. They’re after a guy who can drive them wild. Who can take charge, challenge them, and be a Man.

What does that mean exactly? It’s not about being an arrogant bastard. It’s about being assertive. If you’re what these women call a “nice guy“, that means you’re not assertive, you’re passive. Too passive for them. You’d make a great friend, but not necessarily a great boyfriend.

Assertive means making the first move. Not with arrogance, but with quiet confidence. It means calling her on her bullshit. Not with passive aggressive comments, but with respectful yet playful teasing. It means doing something bold, new, and exciting. Not taking her to a movie for the eighth date in a row (unless she’s a film buff), but flying to a foreign country and joining the Mile High Club on the flight there.

It’s not that girls want or seek out assholes. They are drawn to assertive, self-confident guys who can tantalize and charm them. It just so happens that many assholes are naturally assertive.

If you’re a “nice guy” who’s been passive all these years, man up. Be assertive. These woman could use a respectful yet assertive guy like you, after being with so many assholes. You’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Do something unpredictable. Ask her out. Take her to the Carribean, so she has to show off her hot new bikini. Plan out an entire day with her, without asking for her opinion on any of it. While you’re walking on some random street, spin her around, cradle her in your arms, and kiss her passionately.

It’s not about being an asshole. It’s about being assertive. Know that you’re a good guy, be confident in yourself, and she’ll fall for you.

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  1. can’t get a date in the states? consider the alternative! The world is much bigger than the u.s. try another country such as brazil, italy canada, or argentina. the women are beautiful and don’t play games like american women are fond of. In fact, they run after nice guys just as hard as american women run after assholes. as a matter of fact, it is said by people all over the world in other countries that american women are the only ones who chase after shit. fair warning: once you go there, you may not want to come back… and why would you?!

    ps in regard to american women 1: you can’t make a silk purse out of dog shit, so stop trying to change those who cannot be changed. 2: I didn’t realize Nicole Simpson was an inspiration! 3: There is no fool like an old fool!

  2. so women don’t want nice guys. they want an assertive, confident asshole because they have a chance to change him. In the end though this asshole, if changed, is just another nice guy that they didn’t want in the first place.

  3. OMG!!!! I give you so much kudos brava really! you nailed it completely I couldn’t have said that better myself! Coming from a womans stand point! Great post; glad I found it!!!

  4. women are looking for physical traits too, obviously, but they are not as visual as men. with ALL men its sight first,antyhing else next. women are looking for cultural signals that a man is realtively aggressive and dominant enough to bring home food and gaurd the cave entrance while shes pregnant. this isnt always physical of course in the modern world. its the way you dress, car you drive, where you live – in other words how much money youve got. the more well off you are, the less other issues like appearance or personality matter. sad but true. but hey men, at least you dont have to put up with what women do. men are primarily looking for a physically healthy specimen in her breeding years. in other words young and good looking.

  5. This post is so beautifully illustrated about two types of guys.
    The 1st one an asshole who can flirt with gals n 2nd type me who is so cold n passive who cant drive crazy to d gals.
    I used to date a gal in a cinema hall(repeating many times),but i came to know they don like d same venue.
    They want every date to b a special but i my thought is dift but good one.i thought of marryin my ex gf but she broke off wit me coz c may b intersted in an asshole,nth much to say.

  6. Most women aren’t into true assholes. When people say that women like “assholes” they usually mean physically attractive assertive guys. True assholes – those that physically and verbally abuse everyone around them and are likely to have ASPD – do not tend to attract women, even less so if they are not physically attractive. I’m not sure why people are throwing around “asshole” so liberally. Get your definitions right.

  7. The girls who get attracted to assholes got to be the dumbest or else why would someone intelligent like assholes?

  8. Girls go for assholes because this is an aggressive, violent society and they subconsciously think that if their man isn’t an asshole, then he won’t be able to protect her. I think that women need to be abused in order to be sexually aroused. But, not to much. At some point you become more of a danger than the outside world.

  9. Well what about the asshole that verbally or even physically abuses his girl and she still keeps going
    back? He he still being assertive? Your post is a
    bunch of crap.

  10. hi, i am a asshole to girls, nice guys finish last. women like assholes because they love drama and never feeling totally comfortable in a relationship. yes you can get women by being a nice guy who treats her amazing but after a while the woman will get bored of you and move on to someone else. you have to start off as a nice guy but then be a asshole a little after.

  11. GUYS, CALM DOWN!!!! Holy moly cow. Okay, here we go. I’m a girl. And no I am not like those slutty, shallow, narrow minded girls that screams they want to f*** Trey Songz (bleh). I completely agree with this article, I date nice guys before and I do know some nice guys that REALLY want to be with me but I just can’t like them back that way!! Gah. I’m happy that whenever I met a new guy, I be friends with him first for a long time before going into relationships and stuff. I get to know them, right? One guy right now is so… nice. It’s like he’s desperately NEED someone to love and to love him back. UGH! C’mon. I want a guy to show me that they’re strong, they can live without a woman. And GUYS! ATTENTION!!! YOU DO NEED TO THINK WITH YOUR HEAD WHEN FIRST DATING THAT ONE GIRL, then after awhile, when you feels the stuff that you never felt before, you can now think with your head. Congratulations!

    The guy that I’m with right now is very independent. He’s stubborn if he don’t get his way, he gets mad at me if I don’t do the stuff he want me to do. I got used to it. It’s not that he’s being an asshole, it tells me, “Oh, this guy really do care. :’) *sniff*) He even told me himself, he said, “I’m sorry if I seem like an asshole sometimes and being strict, I guess its because I care about you and want the best for you.” But yeah, he’s NOT the best looking guy in the world but I love him for him. And NO he don’t drink or smoke lol. Just saying. I’m hoping I’m gonna make him fall in love with me soon lol. It’s hard to get into his heart since he been lied to in the past and hate American girls now. Most of them. I’m Asian.

    Once again, very nice article!! ♥♥

  12. As a woman, I agree with the article – it’s not that we ever intend to date assholes; it’s just that they’re good at making us believe that we’re the exception to their behavior. I once knew a guy who was an ass to absolutely everyone except a handful of his relatives. He managed to sweep me off my feet by treating me as one of those select few – until the day I unintentionally angered him. That was when I realized I was stupid to believe that I would never receive the asshole treatment he gave everyone else. I still remember the way my blood ran cold when the abuse began. I ended the relationship as a result but still felt shaky and sick to my stomach weeks later, afraid that he might try to hurt me again in some way or another. I should have known that an asshole will never be anything other than an asshole… I guess I just thought somehow that he thought about me differently, but I understand that it was all a part of his game. Assholes only want women in their life to make themselves look good – it has nothing to do with you. It’s all about them.

  13. Women want to be tamed. If you treat a woman like a wild animal, you will succeed in getting laid. Women are freaks by nature. They bleed periodicaly. They constantly fantasize about being poked with long objects. They are downright sick in the head.

    The problem with nice guys is they think that a woman is this friendly human that will satisfy your sexual desires if you just be nice to her.

    There is really no grey area when approaching attractive women. You’re either there to capture them and drag them into your cave. Or you’re there to be publicaly humilated.

    When approaching women be “a hunter”

    Repeat after me…

    I am a hunter! I am a hunter! I hunt wild women!
    I am a hunter! I am a hunter! I hunt wild women!

  14. Who the hell can afford to fly to the Carribien just like that? Really the assertive part is mostly true. Man up. I happen to know for a fact that girls SAY they want equality in the relationship but really they want a guy who will throw them to the ground and take control. (This is confirmed not by theory but practice in the field). Still if your attractive and have a shit load of money it doesn’t hurt either.

  15. Its a rather strange phenomenon. It is part confidence. But you have to change over time. Women will eventually get sick of 8 straight months of parties and sex.

    The way I figured it out is as a “Script”. Women have their own “Script” engraved into their heads as a child. Some see a Prince Charming, some see a Bad Boy, others see the Asshole who changed. In order to get a woman, confidence is needed, in order to keep a woman, you must follow her “Script”. If you want the woman bad enough, you have to pay attention to the long talks and figure out what her Script is. Then you change as her “Script” demands. If she wants an asshole who changes, be an asshole, who “changes” (you dont have to be an asshole by nature to do this, just a good actor). If she wants a Prince Charming, who saves her and protects her, then i suggest you drive her around, and be prepared to have a lazy housewife. If she wants a bad boy, be a bad boy. There are plenty of legal, bad things to do.

    However, you could be the nice but confident guy and still lose to an asshole. All it takes is an immature woman. I’ve had this happen several times. I dated a specific girl, beautiful, extreeeemmmeeeeelllyyyy intelligent, funny, sarcastic too. But she was insecure. So a guy who i knew in highschool, who is now living off his brother’s company, flat broke himself, does nothing but fight all day (literally he is a mugger). She went for him because she was afraid of hurting me… Which did happen. I found a great woman i could see myself with for awhile, and lost her because i was human. I was vulnerable. Women want security, and an invulnerable man. Assholes arent humans. Thats why women run to them like flies to honey. The reason the better looking guys are assholes is because they get everything handed to them, and as time goes on, this trait only continues and grows until their mid-40’s where everyone is pretty much done having “Fun”. Of course people past mid-40’s try to have fun, but they have learned moderation by then. So the assholes are up a creek. I also agree with a much earlier comment “The reason i didnt see nice guys as Dating material is because they agreed with me so much that we had nothing to talk about”. Its true. Women want to be able to talk to their partner. The way to best get a woman, is intelligence, have something to talk about that they DIDNT KNOW or DONT AGREE with. It catches and keeps there attention. This can be done without heated arguments. Again, the super intelligent girl was able to converse with me for hours on end because i understood what she was saying but disagreed and made sense. Maybe she’ll grow up one day and things might turn out differently, but as for now. I understand why i dont want to be with her now. Thank you for reading through my ramblings.

  16. I am not sure that being an asshole is the way to go, but I am pretty sure that being to keen is a turn off.

    I met a girl recently, awesome date, afterwards we kissed passionately in the car and got very heated.

    We both said we liked each other.

    We met up again two days later and I guess because this had occured I wrognly assumed I was now her boyfriend and I was too familiar. Killed the attraction she intially had because I was no longer a challenge. Big pity too as she was really nice, but now any feelings of attraction I intially have for her are gone as well becuase if a girl had run so hot and cold…well fuck her too! Next!

  17. Hate to sound like an emo faggot, but here goes.

    Life is such bullshit man, I work my ass off to even get one girl when I someone else walking around with a new girl every week. What the fuck? Its not fair, I could never be an asshole, I’m sensitive and I treat women like gold but always get dumped. Just once I’d like to find a good girl and keep her long enough to slip her the ring.

  18. You know I’ve struggled with this for years. Some of what this article says makes sense, but seriously? Who the hell can afford a Carrabin trip just to ”impress” a girl?

    But the thing about all this that pisses me off is that is ”has” to be a game. I’m a VERY straightforward person. I believe in talking to people right to their face and letting them know what I think or how I feel right then and there. I really hate that most girls get kicks playing these little games…expecting me to pretty much read their mind…expecting me to read their body language. I’ve come across quite a few girls in my 23 years of life that I’ve suspected have been quite attracted to me, But 95% of them will not just tell me they like me! It would cut out alot of bullshit if we didn’t have to play games and go threw this whole lame riggimroll. It’s not fucking high school anymore! Grow up! Its time to figure out what you want outta life…People always tell us guys be a MAN…Well I’m saying to you all…Be a WOMAN, figure out what you want outta life…You’re 20’s is the time to do it.

    I’m not trying to say I’m a perfect guy, I know I’m not. But seriously…ladies…You’re fucking with people emotion’s when play these god damned games. Flirt with us? Make us think you really want to get to know us better? EVEN GO AS FAR AS TO ASK FOR OUR NUMBER…Then never call us? What the fuck is that?

    Sorry if I seem like a dick, but I’ve got a lot of pent up frustration on this subject.

  19. its all about what you look like. i had a friend who could get any girl he wanted and then once he did he would treat them terribly. i watched him hold down a girl on his bed and spit in her mouth…… not even kidding and then 20 minuts later i had to leave because she wanted to have sex. i watched him give a girl a flying elbow drop to the head on purpose and 2 months later she was still with him and taking all sorts of abuse. yet on the other hand i have another friend who is ugly as hell and tries to treat girls the same way and they just think he is creepy.

  20. i forgot to add that it also has to do with what a woman wants out of a guy. im more of a quiet and shy person and have been pretty succesful in relationships. i tend to be a nice guy. i focus more on making the girl laugh than being a tough guy. iv had girls leave me because i wasnt bad enough or wasnt as outgoing as they would like but i have also had girls that i couldnt get rid of because i was so nice and funny and didnt treat them like dirt. some girls like tough guys who are good with their hands and always in charge. some like party animals that will go clubbin’ with them and stay up drinking all night. some like nice guys. some like funny guys. noone likes an asshole. but you will be surprised with how much certain girls will put up with if you look good enough or have a lot of money. or if your realy good in the sack. guys are just as guilty of this as well.

  21. Like most guys I just stopped caring after a while. Just abuse and use left and right. We guys never needed the emotional attachment anyway. Its the woman that made us think that way. So set yourself free and live life like your supposed to. And dont let anyone take anything from you. Take from them everything, give them nothing

  22. Genetics, instinctive, animal logic behavior..

    arsehole guys usually have alpha, dominating, leader traits. Many women I notice seem to have this problem of going for them unnoticed of what kind of person they really are. Time and time again they complain about men and that we are all arseholes because they choose to go for these men..Women hate being told they are wrong, they never seem to accept its them that let these men come into there lives when they could go for a nice guy instead

  23. I mite add the defense on a comment like that would or usually is an attack on a guys confidence or being negative, biter as such.. Its usually a poor excuse because im hitting a nerve on these girls.

  24. A lot of the comments on here blame the women. For men being assholes. That’s a little frustrating to read.

    Generally speaking, I think many people are incompetent at interacting with other people. As a straightforward person, I don’t really understand games, but I think people play them because they are not self reflective enough to articulate what they want.

    Honestly, you could take every bit of advice to “get girls” that you can get your hands on, and it is entirely possible that none of it will work. It is possible that you, the guy, could be doing everything “right” and still end up alone all your life. This is just something that happens to people. If you imagine all of the possible permutations that life has to offer, you can see that it is quite likely that not everyone will get what they want.

    This isn’t really a nice guy/asshole argument at all. It’s a life thing. The world is messy and overpopulated. There are tons of issues and thoughts flying at us all the time that we have to sort out. Pick a few things and spend your life working on them. Maybe you’ll get laid, or marry, or date all your life, or sit in your house and write computer programs or throw yourself into research or music whatever it is that you do. It’s just life and it goes how it goes.

    I realize that with the strength of the male sex drive being what it is, not getting enough sex can be really really awful. Being bullied and being rejected is also quite painful.

    However, plenty of humans spend their lives putting up with things they don’t like. Think of the families living in politically unstable countries in police states where the daily fear of someone coming to your door and killing your family is a real, true concern. Think of people with chronic health problems that have to take medication all their lives and only feel marginally better or not better at all. And there is no way out. Not everyone who is single is single because something is wrong with them. It’s just how things happened to work out.

    In the meantime, it isn’t helpful to objectify people or generalize them. Statements like “Men are like this” or “Women are like this” won’t help you make peace with your situation. Confirmation bias is something that humans do when they think something, and then as a result of that belief, their attention is drawn to examples of it everywhere, thereby confirming what they already thought was true. You can see proof of anything, because out there, there are so many possibilities it is quite easy to see what you want to see.

    I know it’s frustrating to be single and to have trouble with dating when you see people around you who are not having trouble. If you really are a kind and thoughtful person, then you can be comforted in knowing that you’ve done your best. However, it would probably be worth doing some very close examination of who you are and what your motives are. “Rational” does not mean “this makes sense to me.” It means that you have an objectively well thought out line of reasoning that leads to to the same conclusion regardless of the circumstances. And “but i see girls dating jerks everywhere!” doesn’t count because remember…confirmation bias. Use the scientific method with your own head. It is the only tool humans have to get past their own mental blocks and preconceived notions.

    The end of the story is that your life will go how it goes. This goes for men and women of any age at any level of income or health. Learn how to interact with people in a way that is fair, balanced, and efficient. Learn to look at life with a peaceful sense of curiosity. This is a tall order for a lot of people but the years it took me to realize this were well worth it and kept me from killing myself.

  25. the problem is that people dont listen to their hearts,
    just an illusion of their soul that resides in their brains.

    listen to your feelings

    if you are mad, yell and break shit

    if you are happy, help people and sing joyously
    save someones life

    if you love someone physically show it
    get caught up in the momment.

    if you feel cruel than be absolutely sadistic.

    if more people acted on their feelings we’d have a more honest universe.

  26. I have been thru so many scenarios that make no sense. It’s true, being nice get you zip, nada, nothing. It gets you either scammed by nigerian women, or taken advantage of by golddiggers, or just blocked from e-mailing her back and no polite message why it didn’t work out. I had a person that lived in the hills, and she was nice, sounded interested. All there was was just 1 date. We talked about a bunch of different things, but got nothing as far as a thank you..but I don’t think we clicked. She just blocked me from e-mailing her!!! I got so disappointed that I closed my dating account. Do we have to be rich or not a nice guy?

  27. Whatever happened to just being yourself? Half of the earth’s population is women, the other half is men. There is someone for everybody. If quantity is what you want, then fine, be arrogant and get the girls one after another. If quality is what you want, THEN DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF FOR ANYONE! The right person for you will love you because of who you are. If you change yourself and attract the wrong girl, then when you revert back to your personality, she won’t love the real you and will want the “fake you”.

  28. As an advice column, or whatever this is supposed to be, it is pretty poor if your purpose is to enlighten and help. Your terms are vague and subjective and most of all superficial. “Asshole,” is not a proper thematic term and could and does include any type of behavior from dangerous forms of anti-social disorders to more innocuous shades of narcissism. Women would be well-advised to look out for the more subtle signs of such mental disorders while dating because they tend to misidentify men who are otherwise psychologically normal, normally assertive, and have strong character traits as boring or passive (boring and passive are not the same thing, by the way) and run the danger of falling into abusive relationships by choosing the “asshole.” Relatively normal men may seem a bit “boring” to begin with but natural reserve also tends to reflect high native intelligence as well as prudent decision making skills. A man who is going to “sweep you off your feet” with a big trip to Europe, Mile High Club etc. after three dates, on the other hand, may literally be crazy (bipolar disorder, drug abuse, or have little or no natural impulse control, i.e. indicating a natural criminal disposition) so this is probably not going to be a good future partner, especially if you plan to have a family. It is unfortunate that the author chooses to stereotype the “boring” guy and certainly outrageous to suggest the term “man up” as any kind of serious advice to this painfully complex problem (who the hell would want to use a phrase popularized by Sharron Angle?). If you, as a man, feel you are not assertive and lack confidence, don’t worry. There are many things you can do to develop healthy assertiveness and self-confidence. The best and most effective way is through a little therapy — I personally advocate group therapy for this particular need. It will take some time and patience depending on how things are with you but with training and practice, you should be all right. You may also be suffering from some depression, but that, too, can be treated. On that note, remember that dating and the whole sex and reproduction thing is extremely complex and complicated but through it all, try to keep a zen-like perspective. If the “asshole” gets the girl once again, just let the river flow past. If you work on your healthy assertiveness and self-confidence and keep in the game, that’s all you can do. The rest is up to fate. I once read somewhere, I wish I could remember, that according to statistics, each person on the planet has something like 40-50,000 potential compatible mates. I like to think it was probably some very bored or boring and dateless math nerd trying to cheer him or herself and others up. Good luck.

  29. This part in the article made me really laugh about how a lot of women think a**holes “uninspiring”. Ha ha ha, you want uninspiring well then women are dating the right men for being uninspiring. Those a**holes, D-Bags, Losers are the uninspiring ones and don’t have much of anything going for them. Those a**holes, losers that a lot of women like are those deadbeats, they don’t do anything, so women now days think losers, deadbeats, drop outs, uneducated, a**holes are inspiring? How are they inspiring? These pathetic losers, deadbeats, dropouts, uneducated, thugs don’t have anything going for them. But on the other hand the women that go for these such losers also don’t have much going for them and don’t have a lot of Self Esteem issues. I think women get the so called “nice guys” confused. The so called “nice guys” are those math, geek nerds that don’t have much of any social skills. Also though what women these days perceive as “nice guys” usually have a D-Bag side to them. Um yeah this article is kind of BS and giving a false impression to a lot of women that the a**holes have these jets and on an eight date or so to fly to this “place” or on a whim take her to the Carribean. This article needs to get real. This is a BS stupid article.

  30. ImaGirl: “C’mon. I want a guy to show me that they’re strong, they can live without a woman.” Careful with this statment cause this can be a big turnoff for men as men could easily translate this statement into she’s trying to act too much like a guy (no guy want a lady that act’s too much like a guy), this statement could also translate for a lot of guys that all she want’s to do is party till she passes out (never grows up, never is the “social drinker”)also this statement comes across as your not that “serious”, it comes across as if your “bored” just throw him to the curb and don’t work on the relationship.

  31. Re ImaGirl: “He’s stubborn if he don’t get his way, he gets mad at me if I don’t do the stuff he want me to do. I got used to it. It’s not that he’s being an asshole, it tells me, “Oh, this guy really do care. :’) *sniff*) He even told me himself, he said, “I’m sorry if I seem like an asshole sometimes and being strict, I guess its because I care about you and want the best for you.”

    You are in such denial thinking he is not an “a**hole. With your statement, it’s all written on the wall by him not getting “his way”, making you get use to his attitudes, his being strict (he’s an a**hole). You’d be much better off without him, dump him before he starts taking sh*t out on you and starts abusing you.

  32. Re: “Most women aren’t into true assholes. When people say that women like “assholes” they usually mean physically attractive assertive guys.” This is a perfect example of women taking the “nice guys” and thinking they are these sappy “nice guys”, “nice guys” can just as easily have the physically attractive and assertive parts. A lot of women think “nice guys” are this all black and white (no pun intended). A lot of women think “nice guys” are these wussies, not assertive. So far from the truth.

  33. You females fail big time, period. It is the female species that will never learn and that is a fact. Or rather, 50% of the entire females out there. The other 50% are not like you.

    This is the guy that girls and women alike SHOULD go after. Everything that is mentioned up there (which includes assertive, go wild, etc.) in a guy except that it would be in a GOOD GUY and NOT the abusive ones a.k.a. a**holes.

    Admit it. You female species that fail (and always will) will never wake up and smell the coffee as long as you do not find the requirements you want in a GOOD GUY instead of an abusive a**hole.

    End of story. Cannot believe that I am making a comment to these 50% females who will NEVER learn and understand.

  34. Plain and simply, girls like a challenge. Much like how a guy wants to conquer a girl, likewise a girl wants to conquer the seemingly ‘unconquerable Man.’ Word of advice to you guys out there, don’t chase her. Make her chase you.

  35. That’s fine if you want to be an a-hole, but not if you want something serious. Though, there is a difference between “chasing” and “pursuing”. Maybe the next article…

  36. I’ve just read this article and it proves once again that women don’t know what they want at all. All I can say is that when their bad boy has them trapped at home, repeatedly raping and beating the crap out of them, they are just getting what they wanted. Hopefully that is exciting enough for them… Not knowing if the next punch is going to be the one that takes them out permanently. Tell me I’m wrong but I’m not.

  37. I am a woman who has had her experiance with A-hole men, the kind that are nice for a few weeks to reel you in and then treat you like their own personal emmotional and mental punching bag. Now I am married to a “boring” nice guy, who isn’t really all that boring, he is dependable and it is exciting that he will be able to provide for his family. Nothing unsexy or uninteresting about a man like that. A man who’s first thought is for thsoe around him and not just about himself. I have a friend who has a douochebag husband, she is the nicest person you will EVER meet, plays piano for the church, works a real job at the bank, is a philanthropist when financially able. Then there is her dumb POS husband. 40 yrs old, a drunk, a druggy, just kinda nasty overall- no personality of so to speak and is just about the most prickish selfsish arrogant man-child you will ever meet. WHY!? We seriously all want to know what the hell the draw is to this loser of extraordinary proportions. She brings home a steady paycheck, he takes it to the bar or some drug dealer (by the way he looks like a cracked out Meth head)She is sitting at home for days, she is finding slutty wemon’s phone #’s in his texts…on top of this she can’t have children but would be perfect for adoption – but OH WAIT A-Hole loser pants has 2 felonies, one he JUST got this year. Does he care that he is screwing her out of her dreams, hell no- he just wants hit a pipe, get waisted and abuse her trust somemore. We all hate him, she swears her undying love for him all over FB, and as much as we love her as a person we all think, what the hell is wrong with you? I guess some wemon just like their men a lot on the extra a-hole side.

  38. these women will eventualy settle for a ‘.nice guy” after having the assholes kids.they will find a fool to take of them.but then she’ll be screwing the douche behind hes husband’s back. Do i sound bitter? Ya damn right i’m bitter! Thats what bitches do. it does nnt matter how good you are tn them or how much you love them.there always looking for someone better

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