7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Single Friends

1. It’s a numbers game: That is the last thing someone who just closed 1,456 matches on e-Harmony wants to hear. The absolute last thing.

2. It just takes one: No pressure. None at all there.

3. Been on any hot dates lately?: If we are on hot date, you will know about it. Everyone will – they are so rare that single ppl blast it from their rooftops.

4. Look on the bright side: This only reminds single people that they are operating on the dreary dark side. Thanks for reminding us there is a bright side that we may never get to. Greatly appreciated.

5. Maybe it will work out: You don’t think that. You thought it was hopeless and he was a total loser. Don’t mock us with false hope now.

6. It’s just a matter of time for you: If I have one more friend that tells me that, I swear I am going to end up on the ten o’clock news for malicious eye poking.

7. I know how you feel: No you don’t. You are happy with someone. You don’t know. And that is really okay.

6 thoughts on “7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Single Friends”

  1. I’ve also heard, “How’s the love life?” and “A dry spell, huh?”

    Sometimes, also, “Oh, I know the perfect person for you!”

  2. When my friend had problems with his girlfriend, the line was, “Now I know why you don’t have a girlfriend. You see what I have to go through.”

  3. How about “Why don’t you do something else instead of thinking about this?”.. Like what? Kill myself, or turn into a lesbian?

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