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One of the constant challenges for those who are perpetually single is finding new ways to meet people. Most single people immediately flock to bars to meet other single people with a side of inebriation. The truth is that bars are the worst place to meet quality people to date. Looking for a one-night stand? Sure, go right ahead. Looking for someone interesting to date with the possibility of a relationship? No way. How would you feel telling your friends or parents that you met your significant other at a bar?

So bars, clubs, and anything else of the same nature are out. You’ll read advice telling you that the best place to meet people is through your everyday activities. The supermarket, the post office, work,…all aren’t bad places to meet people and significantly better than bars in terms of quality, however, still not the best. No, the best place to meet people is through an activity that you’ve been doing for most of your life. The great thing is that it typically costs nothing and you always enjoy yourself. The best place to meet people? At a friend’s party.

House parties thrown by your friends, and other such get togethers, are the best places to meet people. I will rarely turn down an opportunity to get together with a bunch of people. The people will undoubtedly be a mix of people you do know and people that you don’t know, a great situation to be in. The reasons why these parties are such great places to meet are:

  1. Built-in conversations. Everyone is at the party because they either know the host or know someone who knows the host. You can start off a conversation by asking how the other person knows the host and just continue on from there.
  2. Implied acceptance. Just the very fact that you’re at the party with these other people brings with it an implied level of acceptance into a group. You and everyone else there are automatically part of the same social circle so everyone is at ease. You can easily flirt with someone without the usual warming techniques typically necessary with strangers because they believe you to be “safe” just for being at the party.
  3. Excuse to talk. In normal everyday life, you need to find a reason to talk to people. Most people won’t just say, “hi, I wanted to talk to you,” and if they do, you think they’re strange. It’s usually necessary to think up a reason to talk to someone: ask their opinion, discuss an issue, etc. At a friendly party, it’s impolite to not introduce yourself to the others. It’s perfectly acceptable to walk up to someone and say, “I don’t believe we’ve met…” This is harder to pull off in other situations, but in this one, it’s completely normal and doesn’t raise any flags whatsoever.

With all of this going for you, it’s incredibly easy to meet someone at a friend’s party, dinner, or get together. Your chances of success are greater when the group meets at someone’s home or has a restaurant/bar completely rented out, thus weeding out any potential crashers. Any type of friendly social event will do: barbeques, birthday parties, dinner parties…they all are great places to meet people. Haven’t been invited to one of these in a while? The best way to jumpstart that part of your social calendar is to throw a party yourself and invite others. As the saying goes, what goes around comes around, and soon you’ll find that others will invite you out. Don’t overlook this potential goldmine of dating opportunities, go to or throw a party with friends today.

2 thoughts on “The best place to meet people”

  1. This is fine in theory Zack, but it lacks one aspect and fix. What if you haven’t the pool of friends to actually have a “HOUSE PARTY”? What if you just don’t have the funds yourself to pay for such a party to have at your own house?

    There is a flaw in this theory… Sure it probably works, more often than not though, being about to get the house party going and to be able to get the girls that are single and don’t know you yet to come is much much harder.

    I’m sorry I’ve tried to get this theory to work many times before, because it is not a secret that the best place to find and meet people is in the comfort of your own home or a friend’s home.

    Though I’ve only 3 friends and each of them haven’t got the house nor the pool of friends to get to come. And we’ve done flyers and such around the college ect… Mostly its all the people we didn’t want there showing up, trying to break as much Crap as they could… ended up with me kicking them out and them refusing to go……. Until I showed them the shotgun. They got the picture then.

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