Older Woman Seeking Boy Toy

I decided to address Rebecca’s comment and write about my propensity to date younger men. Being the good little blogger that I am, I did a little research on the exact definition of a cougar and found that there are multiple variations:

  • Puma – A woman who is not quite old enough to be a cougar, but still likes to date/mate with younger men. Typically she is in her late 20s to mid 30s. She typically finds her prey at sporting events or in the office.
  • Cougar – A 35+ year old female who is on the hunt for a much younger, energetic, willing-to-do-anything male. She can be found in nightclubs, bars, beaches and swanky hotel lobbies. Most cougars wear padded bras, overexpose their cleavage and don’t play the BS games girls in their early twenties participate in.
  • Jaguar – In the glossary of older women seeking younger men lingo, a jaguar is 50 and over and tends to be financially stable and is only looking for sex from their 20 something prey.

Now that we have definitions out of the way, let’s move on to the real perplexing question – why are women choosing to date younger men?

And the answer is – women are not choosing younger men – men are choosing older women. Most men find the confidence and sexiness of older women more appealing that of girls their age. What has changed is that they are now not afraid to go after that older woman. Women too are becoming bolder when it comes to dating and not picking the conventional stable older male provider, but choosing non-traditional characteristics for their soulmate which often leads them to younger men.

While I’m not a full blown cougar yet, I am definitely a little puma on training wheels – it’s no secret to my friends that I have a soft spot for the younger boys – going as far as going on dates with boys 5 years my junior. For me, it’s not about the age, it’s about the energy level that younger men have. I find men in their late 20s to be past the frat boy stage but not yet the settled couch potato. If someone my age had the energy level of the younger boys then I would have no problem dating them, but I find boys my age to be a little too settled and complacent or boring.

Plus, no woman with good sense is going to say no to a young ripped hot bod…

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  1. I really liked your analysis of why guys go for older women. So do you think that still applies for men in their 30s?

    On a side note, I disagree with the definitions of “cougar” on urban diction because they set it as 35+ instead of 40. Also, they neglected the origin of the name. Hmmm, maybe I need to state my own definition.

  2. Interesting to know these things. I’ve been a puma from the start by the definition here. Always been more attracted to younger males. I’m 26 and wouldn’t mind dating as far as 10 younger than me and though people may be appaled at the thought, I just prefer a clean slate to work with. I enjoyed your post. I must disagree about the last part. A good friend of mine though only 2 yrs younger would never even give a younger guy than her a chance because she prefers the maturity and stability older men have to offer…

  3. boy do I wish the internet was around 30 years ago. It is too late in my life to pursue a cougar. I am 55 now, so alas, I am “over the hill”

    sorry but I just happened to stumble into this site and figured I would comment.

    AT 21 years old, I was a virile, muscular, football player for a major university. (sorry, I dont want to paint the wrong picture of “being in love with myself” because it was anything but that)…………. I was SHY and INSECURE inside.

    I met a woman one evening in a club who was as hot as could be to me. She was attractive, funny, witty, and just nice to be with. Her husband was there, but he was ignoring her and was in a different room. We laughed and talked and just had a good time together. I gave her my phone number but I never heard from that doll again. She was about 40-45, almost double my age.

    Imagine my surprise when “Jimmy” the bartender gave me a little slip of paper about a month later. It was her phone number that she wanted him to pass along to ME !!!!!!!!. But “Jimmy” told me “dont do it, you will regret it if her husband finds out”

    well, I thought long and hard about it, but as I mentioned way up above, i was insecure and not really so sure of myself other than on the football field. I never called her.

    TO this day, I regret it. I can still see her after almost 35 years. She was FUN, NICE, Attractive, and gee , did I want to “put her over the edge , again and again, and yet AGAIN” ( I had the energy in those days)

    So my only comment, is if you find what you are looking for than re-assure him somehow. I wish I was braver then and that the internet was around so that I could have at least loooked up something like this.

    regards and best of luck

  4. i am 17 and have been wanting older women for a while now but it just does not happen. always i go out to clubs and place’s but everytime someone finds out your age they just turn away.

  5. hi im 32 but am alwayes getting told i look around the 25 years of age mark im looking for a relationship with a slim older women,good looking would help as im quite good looking my self,any way the reson im doing this is ive alwayes dated younger girls and the relationship never seems to last i would like someone older that wants me,quite like the idear of being a toy boy.xx

  6. i love older women, they are great lovers and very very sexy indeed better curves and good understanders. Any offers sexy, get in touch if your serious.

  7. I find older woman very attractive, and wish they would understand I am there to please them and let them feel pleasure. Although I am only 18 I know what I’m doing and want to make you ladies happy =]

  8. i am 42 and like younger boys(20-25) as boyfriends.my last one was only 19 and i had a very satisfying experience with him considering his youthfulness and energy level.

  9. I dissagree with the whole issue of older women and younger boys up to a point. One has to consider the extent of the age difference ( wheather it is acceptible within legal limits ) and the intent of the (in this case ) the older woman, In other words what I am saying is that if the age difference is legally acceptable and the union is solely for sex it’s ok. I make this comment based on the fact that I have a woman friend who seek youn boys to have serious relationships with. She is now fifty years old and usually prey on men/boys more than half her age. the thing that is disturbing about this is that she try having serious relationships which she expects to lead to marriage. For her past six relations she been with boys whose ages ranged between 19 and 24 and they all failed miserably. Some of these boys were unemployed and lived at home with parents, who hated the idea of her being with their sons. The other strange thing is that she has five children from past relationships, is unemployed and live at her parents home with her kids whose ages range from 10 to 29 years old. As her best friend I find this to be very confusing. Could anyone explain what is happening here.

  10. So if 2 men can get married and 2 women can get married and it is excepted then why cant i date an older women, i feel my comfortable around older women than younger women of the day, as they have way to high standards. Older women have better figures these days and look more elegant, where as younger women seem to let it hang out all over the place and dress really wierd, and most younger women look like guys with that short silly messy hair style they have, which most guys do not like at all. Older women can give a great conversation and really do understand, where younger women seem to laugh at things that are,nt even funny, then i say to my self what the hell are you laughing at, that was,nt funny at all. Seems just because i fancy older women people seem to put me down, but i say for what excactly ?. I have no problem with it, and i have some great times and laughs.

    so gay men can place the penis in each others bottoms wich is for the dispoal of waste lets get that right first and for most and you say its ok, so dont have a go at me, if you cant handle real hard facts dont start some thing which is already widely excepted around the world. We have gay men at the head of churches the bible says this is not aloud but we changed the law for it did,nt we. Men gat married which really is not right at all, so you can see my view on this. They have their rights , and im dam well gonna have mine.

  11. i think i do agree with much of ur commens am hoping that i will be given a way to also introduce my self to u all that i know and i believe that i am who i am and i hope that u will all understand me.as i all ready know that many of u do nott believe ib some of we the moslem but i want u all to know that not all are that u think of.i will be waitint for the very first one,bye for now.

  12. I agree with some…and your way of thoughts are good, just a guy whos 21 with 27 year, looking for the right woman who is older and wanting someone with the “energy” as you say. But also the time of enjoying everyday moments.

  13. i thank the older woman are the right to dat we the younge ones.because we have the any and the nutrient to make them satisfy and also make them full good like their youthfully age.have fun with them and go out together and i thank the older men can not do it so they so give us the way.

  14. hi can someone help me to get a older woman. please help me. hook me up with hot older woman who wana play..i live in NJ..email me if anyone find..thank you people

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