I love being single

I love waking up whenever I want and not having anyone say it’s time to get up. If I want to sleep until noon, I’m going to go ahead and do it without feeling guilty.

I love being able to stay out all night without having to answer any questions. Hell, maybe I don’t even sleep and just go right into the next day. No reason not to.

I love having the freedom to take chances, knowing that the only person at risk is me. I can move across the country to take a job…or just quit my job because I’m tired of it…or join a risky startup with the potential to make a lot of money. If I fail, I fail alone without taking anyone else with me.

I love going out and talking to every girl I see. I don’t have to choose, I can just move from one girl to the next without feeling any guilt whatsoever. And I love that I can ask all of them out if I so choose.

I love being able to make out or sleep with a different girl every night. Or maybe two different girls a night. We’ll see how it goes.

I love using up every square foot of my place with my own stuff, not needing to leave little corners for someone else who may or may not sleep over periodically.

I love not knowing what I’m going to be doing each weekend. And if I do know, I love not knowing who’s going to be there.

I love not having obligatory trips and appearances.

I love knowing that I could just be days, hours, or minutes away from meeting the next most important person in my life.

I love thinking that there’s a girl out there who’s never heard of me and doesn’t even know I exist, but someday we’ll become inseparable and won’t be able to remember what life was like without each other.

I love being single.

3 thoughts on “I love being single”

  1. I love how well you put this. Being single is an amazing feeling. I loved feeling this way but then I met my husband and I realized that loving and being with him felt a million times better than being single. I realized I could still be free I just have someone right by my side through the whole thing. But at some point in everyones life being single is the best feeling.

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