Sex is Better in Your 30s

6 girls decide to get together for dinner.  6 bottles of wine are consumed.  And then the real conversations begin.

“We had sex four times last night!”

“Really?? No way!  No wonder you date younger!”

“Did anything interesting happen??”

“What wasn’t interesting??  I woke up in the middle of the night to him kissing my inner thigh.  You know I think i have a hickey on my thigh!”

“I love it when a guy kisses your ENTIRE body. I wish i could pull all men aside and tell them how much of a turn on that is.”

“Well you just told the table next to us!”

“I prefer it when men are a little rough.  You know that gentle rough…pull my hair a little!”

“I know!  That and a little biting.”

“I had sex with this guy once up against my front door.  We never even made it to the couch!”

“I always wear a skirt the third time I have sex with someone I am dating – you know the third time we go out.  Cuz that’s when it gets really good.  You stop being timid around each other.  It’s my easy access skirt!”

” You know I hated being on my knees when i was in my 20s…there was just something weird and dewomanizing about it.  But now, I am totally turned on by dropping to my knees and unzipping the pants.”

“When I was younger, I took orders in bed.  You want me to do this? okay. and that? okay.  Now i just give the orders.  Do that again, move this way, do this, do that harder.  I have no problem saying that now!”

” I don’t worry about his orgasm more than mine anymore.”

“Are we all going to admit that we have given a man a lap dance?”


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