The First Kiss

I have a friend who seems to have the most awkward first kisses. No matter what he does, his first kisses always end up being weird.  Car kiss, weird couch kiss, doorstep fumble.  He just can’t seem to get it right.   As much as I laugh at him, I kind of feel sorry for him.

So much pressure is on the guy to initiate the first kiss on a date.  While I wouldn’t change this one bit (I prefer a man that makes the first move), there are several things that we women can do to help the poor blokes out.

  • If in a car, take your seatbelt off and turn completely sideways.  Lean forward a little and don’t have your gigantic purse on your lap serving as a moat.  Look him in the eye.  Don’t look down or slouch  – give him a chance to lean in.
  • If at your doorstep, give him a hug goodnight and when pulling away, stay close to his face so he can just turn a little and plant a kiss.  Don’t fold your arms in front of you – might as well wear a chastity belt.
  • If you are at bar sitting near each other. Face him.  Put one arm on the bar and leave the other at your side.  Have an open and welcoming posture.
  • Couch. I think this is the hardest one for a first kiss.  Do your part and lean in half way.  Don’t make the poor guy lunge across the couch or strike some gymnastic pose to try and get to you.

Help my friend a little ladies.  Please.

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