Dating Definition: Baking

Function: Action verb.

Definition: The act of waiting for someone to be “ready” for the kind of relationship one wants.

Example: (see conversation below)


CLUELESS GIRL: So he says he’s okay with us being just friends.


CG: No — really, that’s what he says.  Since we don’t have the chemistry, he’s certain we’re meant to be amazing friends.

SF: Honey, don’t be naive.  He’s waiting.

CG: Waiting for what?

SF: For you to be ready.

CG: Ready for what?

SF: For you to be done in the oven.  For you to realize that you want a relationship with him.  He’s baking.

CG: Are you for real?

SF: Trust me.  He’s not convincing just you.  He’s trying to convince himself.  Your guy’s definitely baking.

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