3 thoughts on “A Video Story”

  1. Wow lame total BS. That would never happen in real life. He screwed up his chance at the initial meeting. Girls wouldn’t open up a loser like that guy. The only way was him to get the other girl and make the hot bitch jealous. If she saw him with other women, she would have done that. The book is probably total crap… figures considering it’s written by a women.

  2. hmm I like the video, they both did a well job. Actually the guy approched a girl in a wrong way at the wrong time. if you see the video carefully the guy is staring her..that what women don’t like they hate that. If a girl sitting alone out of cafe or in a park that doesn’t mean that she is single and looking for someone.. if I would have been there I would go..and say her “HI”, “how u been” or “The weather is nice today”, about the coffee something like that..it totally depend on how the girl react whatever you say..if she react in a nicer way then there is point to talk more..or else its a waste of time.. because women are different than men in some kind..
    well, I would like to read that book sometime when it available.

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