7 Things that Scare Women Away

This is a guest post contributed by Julie Fishman who is a writer for DatingWebsites.org. Julie has done everything from develop a dental school guide to write an intellectual analysis of MTV’s “The Hills” to contribute to the book Gradspot: A Guide to Life After College.

While there are plenty of fish in the sea, you’ll never hook one if you’re throwing out the wrong bait. Sure, women are complicated and it can be confusing to determine exactly what they seek in a man. But, there are definitely certain behaviors that send nearly every gal running. Check them out below so you don’t blow a great catch.

You’re still in love with your ex—Bringing your ex up on the first date, constantly making comments that compare new gal to old gal, or never changing your ILoveJess screen name all signal that though you may say you’re done with your ex, you’re still secretly pining. And pining is best done solo.

You’re a player—While women like a practiced man, they don’t want someone who’s written the playbook, if you know what we mean. If she feels like you may be manipulating or using her, she’ll never offer her trust or respect.

You’re a pushover—If you let people walk all over you, she’ll likely walk on by. A man who knows what he wants and how to get it is a definite turn on.

You’re a momma’s boy—Still go home on weekends so mom can do your laundry? Call her several times a day? Live by her mantras? These all signal a man that can’t take care of himself, and if you can’t do that, no woman will believe you can take care of her.

You’re insecure—You know how much guys hate it when girls ask if they look fat in something? It works both ways. Stop questioning if your gal is too good for you and might run off with the hunky waiter. Be confident in how you look and feel, and she’ll think you’re the hunky one.

You’re a narcissist—The more time you spend looking at yourself in the mirror or touting your accolades, the less time women perceive you have for them. If you’re obsessed with perfecting yourself, you’ll never have time to perfect a relationship.

You’re immature—If you spend your entire weekends playing beer pong with your old frat buddies and consider Carl’s Jr.’s $6 Angus burger a fancy dinner, we can assure you that you will likely be spending your drivethru time alone. Women look for dependable men who are committed to making their partner a priority.

The next time you hit up happy hour or head to a speed dating event keep in mind that the biggest thing that separates wheat from chaff is emotional openness and the ability to match actions with words. You don’t have to be her knight in shining armor—just call when you say you will, respect her opinions and offer a compliment (or two).

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