Men’s Shoes (that Women Like)

Guys, want to be a chick magnet? Check your feet, because women love shoes – even on men.

Johnston & Murphys are great at the office. However, they’re not ideal when you decide to hit the town Friday night especially when you have no time to change. Guys, always keep a pair of girl magnets by your desk or in your car. Believe me; nothing turns on women like a great pair of shoes.

Unless you possess abs of steel like The Situation, you would not want to get caught wearing solid electric blue Jordans. Cowboy boots? Not unless you’re on a ranch, you’re Steve McQueen, or you’re a 50 year old veteran in advertising. Want to attract a prison buddy? Put on those Keds (not including the Royal Plus line; they’re alright) … Okay, you can wear Keds on your yacht.

Pick your style

A pair of shoes can say a lot about its wearer: practical, athletic, classy, trendy, professional, or on the extreme, you could care less. Guys, unless you plan on going home alone, you better make sure your feet are prepared.

Here’s a list of styles that command attention:

  • Rocker cool. A pair of classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, aka “Chucks,” can be customized to suit your style. Unless you’re a linebacker … Well, you could wear them if you’re a linebacker with a mohawk. Kidding. Besides, they will most likely never go out of style. You can order them in a plethora of colors and are customizable making Converse sneakers suitable to match any outfit. Just don’t get colors that are too bright. If you want to fully achieve the rock-n-roll vibe, wear them with a suit.
  • Understated conscientiousness. Timberlands aren’t entirely blue collar anymore. Their Earthkeepers® Chelsea boots say, “I’m easygoing and have great taste.” Although they don’t come with steel toes, they do have breathable mesh liner and soles. You can show the ladies you are eco-friendly as well when you sport these as they are made from recycled materials.
  • Chill. There are some logos in general that can be a turn off. Puma’s logo on the other hand has a clean design with its memorable strokes. The Puma Suedes’ has a classic texture where the Ducati line screams fashionable without pushing the boundaries as too European. Of course there’s their Black Label line. Nice. Beefier than Converse, they’re the shoes you’d wear around the house, out taking care of business, or hanging at the local watering hole.

Puma Black Label

Puma Black Label sneaker.

  • H-h-h-hot. John Varvatos’s footwear is pretty sweet not just in looks but also in quality. They’re pricey, but you get what you pay for. They will outlast everything else in your closet. Another plus side? It can be the topic of conversation as women will ask about your stylish shoes. Which model you ask? Any of them. If you order them online and they are not a perfect fit, don’t fret it! They have an easy return policy. Do you not have liquidity for Varvatos? You can always buy Chucks by John Varvatos.
  • Western sensation. Wooing women with western sense can get wild while wearing Wolverines. (Say that ten times fast.) From the 1000 Mile collection, Wolverine’s Addison boots take wingtips to the plateau of cool. These six-inch boots would be the ideal match for a vintage cafe racer motorcycle. I first spotted these at Smith and Butlerin Brooklyn while strolling out and about. Inspired by original designs, from over 125 years ago, they are assembled with the highest quality leather by the classic Goodyear welt construction in the USA.

Wolverine Addison boots at Smith and Butler, Brooklyn, NY.

  • Sensibly sleek. For you college guys out there who are on a tight budget, Steve Madden has a nice selection of footwear. The best deal? They have made-in-China prices. Fun fact: Steve Madden is actually not a designer; he started out as a salesman. His designers are hired hands, some of whom are women. Buff oxfords have the ability to improve any man’s appearance, whether that’ll be at a job interview or in a bar standing next to a babe. Captrye loafers are even convenient for slip-ons.
  • Real winner. Every fashion-forward person should be familiar with the name, Ted Baker. If the ladies ever come around in asking you what brand your shoes are, and you reply, “Ted Baker,” you will get a nod of approval … or a questioning look. Well, isn’t that an easy qualifier? For designer shoes, they are not terribly hazardous towards your wallet. For less than $200, you can be stylish while money-savvy wearing the Ashcrof leather desert boots. Made in India, Ted Baker’s shoes are comfortably chic. In the end, isn’t that the most important?

Ted Baker socks and Ashcrof brown suede desert boots

Ted Baker Ashcrof desert boot.

If you’re still not convinced at this point that the shoes you wear matter, conduct your own survey and ask around. I had approached 3 hot women in a bar and asked for their opinions. I received, “icks-nay” on classic Timberlands and eye-popping color footwear; overall, this list got their approval.

10 thoughts on “Men’s Shoes (that Women Like)”

  1. I couldn’t agree more! Women consistently tell me they are attracted to men who are successful and they notice everything he is wearing, including his shoes. I think men are often shocked to hear that because they often don’t care what shoes she’s wearing.

  2. Love the article Kim. I just wanted to add that the shoes most match up with there belt. For example: black shoes, black belt – brown shoes, brown belt and so on.

  3. Be yourself. I personally own 3 pair of shoes. Sneakers (white), Steel-toed work boots (brown), and dress shoes (black).

    They each have there occasion. Sneakers for working out. Dress shoes for that once a year funeral or wedding, and work boots for everything else.

    If a woman is too caught up in your shoes and not who you are, that’s pretty superficial and there is a high probability of divorce if you make it to marriage.

  4. So true, kidsndogs. But might as well have fun while young and single. I haven’t worn my 5 inch stilettos in months, but I’m also done playing around in singlehood. Though, I might add, my current flame likes him some special eye candy now and then, as I would of him.

  5. LOL. I know. The article was originally written for an online magazine that catered mostly to college guys. Believe me, it was not a fun decision. Then again, my friend does oversee design for the company, so had to give some props. (They do also make some of their better line, Steven, in Spain at the Jaime Mascaro factory.)

  6. Like ksndogs said, if the shoes are the “make or break” point a girl is judging you on, then she’s pretty shallow and thinks that you are too. Or that you’re gay.

  7. I’ve always thought that shoes were an essential complement fixing in women. If you give a good impression on the women take care of your shoes.

  8. (hypothectically) what if the man wears platform high – heeled sandals and is straight, and wears them with a mens suit to Red Lobster, with his date?

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