How to Ruin Your First Date

First dates can be pretty awful, no matter how great the connection is. You’re stressed about what to wear (casual or dressy?), you’re stressed about when to show up (early, on time, or fashionably late?), you’re stressed about who’s going to pay (do you go dutch?), you’re just plain stressed (how did you get talked into this again?!). As if that weren’t enough, there are a thousand and a half things that could go wrong before, during and after the date, and you’re overanalyzing brain has thought of all of them. There are a few ways you can guarantee that a first date will be ruined though, no overanalyzing involved.

1.  You stay glued to your phone the whole time

There’s no better way to show you’re not interested then by continually checking your phone and sending texts updating your best friend on how everything is going. Not putting your phone on silent and answering calls during dinner is another good way to solidify that you care more about what’s going on with your friends then your date. Oh, wait – you were interested in your date?

2.  You’re already planning your second date, and your drinks haven’t even arrived yet

Hello Mr. or Miss Way Too Forward. Coming off as way too interested too soon is a great way to end a date quickly. What says deal breaker more than someone who is overly clingy and desperate within the first hour of meeting them?

 3. You spend the whole night bragging about yourself

If desperate and clingy weren’t enough, arrogant and self-absorbed should seal the deal as far as ruining a first date goes. So when in doubt, just talk yourself up incessantly.

4.  You leave your wallet at home

Nothing says “don’t date me” like being unprepared. It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy or the girl, not having any money on you makes you look cheap or like you’re fishing for them to pay entirely, especially if you were supposed to go dutch, or one of you was going to pay for drinks and the other dinner.

5.  You complain the entire time

The bread is stale. You’re water glass needs to be refilled. This food sucks. You’d rather be doing (insert whatever). Welcome to the date, Negative Nancy or Negative Norman. Everyone likes a little negativity – right?

It’s hard enough these days to find someone that you spark with, and highlighting your worst qualities just makes it that much harder. Then again, who likes first dates anyway? It’s not like they’re completely necessary to start a new relationship or anything…

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5 thoughts on “How to Ruin Your First Date”

  1. I agree that these things would definitely ruin a first date. But the other thing to remember is that a first date could be a disaster no matter what. Too many people put too much importance on a first date, when really, the first date is one of the least fruitful dates of an entire relationship. Both parties are trying so hard to impress that rarely do the “real” people come out on a first date.

    I always suggest that people just enjoy the moment. If you go on a first date, don’t think about the past or the future, just enjoy the present. Enjoy the company you are keeping. Enjoy the atmosphere. Enjoy the experience. That way, even if things don’t work out with your date, you can always look back on the even in a positive way.

    Personally, I think the first point here, about use of your phone during a date, is one of the biggest issues and hardest issues for people to manage these days. We are all so tied to our technology that we often times forget how to deal with real people in real time. And if you are not a brain surgeon who is on call, is there really a need for your phone to be on while you are on a date?

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Similar to number 5, keep the conversation positive.

    I remember sitting at a table in a bar and a young couple sat at the table next to me. They appeared to be on a first date and the lad spent about half an hour explaining the entire concept of nihilism to the girl. I’d be suprised if there was a second date. (U_U)

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