5 To-Dos After Divorce

Nobody says divorce is fun, and few say it’s easy to recover from. Therefore, here’s a list of 5 things you should do after you get divorced.

1. Go to the spa. Take care of your self, especially if you think the breakup was your fault. Get a massage, and let someone undo those knots in your trapezius. Make sure you choose a swanky place so that you can drift away amidst the relaxing sounds and natural aromatherapy. You might think your former other half isn’t human, but alas it’s true. Stop stewing in the blame game and go melt your cares away.

2. Go out on foot. Get some exercise be it walking, jogging, or running. And go the distance. Your endorphins will help you think more clearly after the dread you just faced. Plus, it will help ward off the extra calories you probably ingest from the stress.

3. Get a pet, preferably a dog. After a divorce, there’s a chance you think that people suck. But animals are innocent creatures who will be loyal to you for simple things, like feedings, and walks if it’s a dog. If you have a pet already, get another one. That animal was probably also your former other half’s and you don’t need it reminding you of him/her. But another pet in the house can alleviate those reminders. You can handle pet rivalry, right?

4. Throw a party. Isolating yourself after a big life change probably isn’t a good idea. Get your best friends together, tell each other jokes, have laughs and enjoy the company. If you don’t have friends, buy a round for everyone at the local bar. Then you’ll have friends.

5. Be a volunteer. Go help someone. Build a house for someone who doesn’t have one. Deliver a meal to a 90-year-old in a six-floor walk-up. Do something who’s got it worse than you. Then you won’t feel so bad for yourself.

Get your focus off the relationship gone south, and put yourself back in balance. Then you’ll be in a better place to know whether to seek a new romance or choose contentment with yourself.

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