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I guess I consider myself a die-hard romantic with a high sex drive. Ultimately, I’m looking for my soulmate; however, in the meantime, there’s no reason for me to be celibate. So in my search for Ms. Right, I have come across the occasional Ms. Right-Now, which has led to many types of relationships from one-night-stands to booty calls to friends with benefits to girlfriends. Some people have told me that it’s impossible to be an ethical slut. However, in my experience, if two people are clear about each other's wants and needs, and they match, then why not have a little fun.

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‘Tis the Season . . .

Two weeks ago, on a Wednesday night, I could not get a drink because all the local bars had an hour wait to get in. This scene was more reticent of New York’s Meat Packing District than downtown suburbia. Then I remembered that it was Thanksgiving weekend and many people were coming home for the […]

Holidating, Part 1: New Year’s Resolution or Cupid’s Coercion?

Have you noticed that holidays have a way of influencing our dating behavior? If so, then you’ve experience the phenomenon I call, holidating. For example, we just rang in a new year and many of us have made resolutions that revolve around dating: date more, screen out psychos, end unfulfilling relationships, get into a serious […]

Dating Definition: PGF

Function: noun Definition: PGF or pgf is the acronym for platonic girlfriend. Example: “No, we’re not dating. She’s my pgf.” . Related article: Debunking “When Harry Met Sally . . .”

Debunking “When Harry Met Sally . . . ”

Can men and women be platonic friends? Whenever I get into conversations on this topic, someone usually brings up the movie, When Harry Met Sally . . . (1998). This film is an icon for making a case that men and women cannot be platonic friends. The protagonist, Harry Burns argues, men and women can’t […]

Dating Definition: reburn

Function: verb Definition: To have sex with someone you have had sex with before but are not in a relationship with. Usually, there is time and sex partner(s) between the last reburn. Example: “When I went home for the holidays, I had a reburn.”

One Minute Girlfriend

Cupid and “timing” have conspired to make a mockery of my love life. This was not the first time these two have made trouble for me. In fact, it has happened so many times that I wonder if fate just likes toying with me. I recently found out that she was leaving within a month […]

Dating Definition: cougar

Function: noun Definition: A woman aged 40 years or old who preys on younger men. During a hunt, she can often be spotted by her leopard print outfit, which makes her feel and look younger. Example: “Sweet, look at all the cougars at this bar. Looks like we’ll be getting our drinks bought for us […]

Dating Definition: camel sex

Function: noun Definition: The ability to tolerate long periods of time without sex. It is the point when the urgent need for sex is replaced by the concession of not having sex anytime soon. Example: Person A: “Don’t you just want to fuck that?” Person B: “Nah, I’m cool. I’m having camel sex.” Person A: […]

Booty Call, Fuck Buddy, or Friend with Benefits?

Recently, I heard “If I’m Not Your Lover” by Al B. Sure!. Listening to it now, the lyrics resonate more then back when I first heard it in the late 80s: If I’m not your lover If I’m not your friend Tell me, baby Just tell me what I am The song reflects the role […]

Dear Matchmaker: I’m Single NOT Desperate

I appreciate when people want to set me up with their single friends. However, some people get overly invested in their role as matchmaker. Just because I am single and their friend is single does not mean that it’s a match made in heaven. When I tell them that I am not interested in their […]