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I am a guy in my early thirties who believes that the world still has a lot of good to offer. I think people are generally trying to find themselves and true happiness as an individual and hope that it leads them into a strong relationship. I’ve lived and traveled all over and life has definitely given me my share of disappointments. These troubling times have also made me stronger and more appreciative of the good times. I don’t claim to be an expert on life. I can only share my experiences and insight. Sometimes its nice to share your opinion with a person that you don’t necessarily know. Friends are great but they tend to be on your side and tell you what you want to hear as opposed to advice that could actually help you. We are all travelers on a journey that we hope leads us to happiness and in this journey there is no law or rule that says we cannot rely on one another. There is actually no reason we cannot help each other through this journey we call life.

Oh NO its almost Valentines Day again!

Well its almost here. I go about my business and don’t even think about it until I’m walking through a store and see all of the hart shaped boxes of candy. February fourteenth is known to most people as a day of romance and love. It always feels like a day of disappointment to me. It’s a day were all of the happy couples put their love on display. I always see women with roses or happy couples hugging. What does this day have to offer a person who is unlucky in love? There really isn’t a day were everyone celebrates drifting through life hopelessly alone.
Is it really fair for this holiday to exist? I sure know the feeling when I wake up and get ready to go out that day. I always forget at first but then I see the gifts and couples and it hits me like a slap across the face. Maybe I should plan to stay home on Valentines day but I never do. It has a way of sneaking up and catching me off guard and there I am in the middle of things. I can’t help but feel a little sad when I see everyone out enjoying this day. Am I being selfish or cold hearted? I really don’t think so, but maybe its easier to wallow in my own self pity. I guess if I was in a relationship that I was happy with I would think differently. I would be excited about it.
Are there those of you that feel the same way? Is it almost offensive for you to leave the house and see all of the happy valentines or do you take it in stride and become happy for the people who have found that special person? Does writing this article make me a selfish person? Am I so self indulged that I can’t find happiness for other people having successful relationships? If you have similar thoughts then this is definitely the time and place to express them!

Learning how to be yourself

What is it about being single? I go out to stores to shop and see couples who seem to be happily in love. I wonder if I notice it more because I am single. There is no doubt in my mind that men and women have different ways of selecting a mate. I notice every woman and some I notice more than others. Women tend to be more sly about this than men. If you notice a woman checking you out she is more likely to be very interested in you than just looking. I am not really into the bar scene anymore so were exactly do you go to meet attractive single women. Once I had a woman hit on me in line at the grocery store. She was a lot better at it than I would have been. She simply got in line behind me and gently nudged me with her cart. When I turned she apologized and immediately opened up conversation with me. It’s funny but later on after she gave me her phone number I thought about how confident and impressive she was.
I guess after years of being terrible at picking up attractive women I still don’t understand how to play the game. There are two very close friends of mine who could pick up a woman anywhere and at anytime. They seem to look at it like they were buying a watch or picking out an outfit. They are never nervous in going after a lady they find attractive. In my experiences there are two types of guys. The guy who has no trouble meeting women and keeping them interested. I am definitely not this guy. I am the guy who is actually so worried about offending a lady, or even worse being rejected that I fear trying to open up and start a conversation. I think there are plenty of guys like this out there. What exactly happened to make us so shy? Why is fear stopping us from living?
After a little bit of research I have found that I actually come off as being fake or even doubtful of myself and what I have to offer. I’m just curious as to what steps we can take to break these uncomfortable habits and put ourselves out there by showing who we really are.

You might be suprised

I guess the thing that has been on my mind lately is approaching women. I am a very shy guy but I have put myself out there recently and tried to ask out a few different ladies. The result has not been good. I have been rejected but the feeling I have is one of satisfaction. My friends have said that they can’t believe I had the courage to do this. What is it about opening up and putting yourself out there. Is it that we are so afraid that we will look foolish. I guess for me the fear of rejection is devastating. When I was in high school a teacher had each person in the class sign an index card with only their name. We passed the cards around and everyone wrote what they thought of that person. When I got my card back it had comments like cute, sweet, and funny. I couldn’t believe it but all the time I was walking around feeling so insecure. I had wasted so much time thinking that I was not a quality guy. Why didn’t I realize that people can actually see when a person has a good heart. Well lets be honest, everyone has these feelings. it’s the fear of failing that gets in the way of living life to the fullest. How many times have you seen someone and thought that there was chemistry between you and that person? You turned and walked away only to find yourself thinking what might have been later on when you were alone. I recently asked a gorgeous young lady out and she told me that she was seeing someone. The next thing she told me was that I had made her day because she thought it was a huge compliment that someone as attractive and nice as me wanted to go out with her. I’m not trying to brag about myself because I think that we would all have experiences like this if we could just put that feeling of fear aside. Lets take time to do a little life experiment and see if I’m wrong. The next time your trying on jeans at the store and you make eye contact with that attractive person you would love to get to know, do yourself a favor and go talk to them. I don’t think that they will be so offended that they will smack you or say anything rude. As a matter of fact I think you will make their day. The great thing is that you will not find yourself wondering later on what if. I would love to hear back and see just how you did? So lets all remember that life goes by really fast and there is no reason for regrets.