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The Social Network’s Irrational Man

Those of you who have read my writing before probably have read something about the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) and Jungian personality type theory. Seeing the movie The Social Network, I’m compelled once again.

We constantly hear about women and their emotions– how irrational they can be or how much women flip-flop. However, men can also be irrational.

A perfect example of a man with an emotional decision-making tendency is Eduardo Saverin’s character in The Social Network, portrayed by Andrew Garfield. In the beginning of the movie, Saverin is a close friend of Mark Zuckerberg. As co-founder of the fastest-growing online social network of the decade, Saverin has a mind for business. As a young college student, Saverin also has an emotional mind and makes a grave mistake. He gets upset, then rashly threatens the success of Zuckerberg’s creation.

Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, in contrast maintained his logical cool. (Let’s say logiccool.) Zuckerberg is a classic intuitive thinker. In spite of the opposition, Zuckerberg didn’t make rash decisions, but used logic to determine his next move.

Of course, the movie probably overly-dramatizes Saverin’s choices, but it does give an excellent example of what an emotional decision-making man might look like. Granted, Saverin is young when he nearly pulls the plug on Facebook. (We were all young, and we have all made rash decisions. Okay, maybe not all of us.) But if your heartstrings are attached enough– say, to something you’ve invested in– your decision-making tendency will be illuminated.

A study published in 2008 indicated that 40% of American men are emotional decision-makers. These men, like women who are “emotional” tend to make decisions based on feelings before using logic. So, why does society acknowledge male logic more than male irrationality? Possible obvious answer: male dominance in business, marketing, politics, religion, and…uhhh, society? Whatever the real answer, we often fail to acknowledge that many men make irrational decisions because of their emotions. Because of this, we tend to make assumptions and generalizations about the dynamics of relationships. Then, life goes in an unexpected manner; someone gets upset; and the drama perpetuates.

Of course, there are other factors involved when it comes to emotions, namely, hormones. When it comes to understanding what makes relationships work well, whether they be romantic or work-related, knowing personality differences can elucidate.

So, understand personality type theory. Stop the drama before it sucks energy from your soul. But how?

To get more logiccool, first you need to know your tendency. Are you the type of person to make decisions because of logical thought or do you act because you want revenge, feel hurt or angry, or are in love? It takes more than one question to really determine your tendency. Be assured, 99% of people lean one way or the other.

If your tendency is to go by emotions more often than logic, be aware of the tendency, and stop yourself before making decisions. Take extra time to think before acting. Pretty simple, eh? Well, in the heat of a moment, it might not be so easy. Though the more opportunities to practice taking time, the more likely you will attain that logiccool.

Wing Girl Kim is the author of the AlphaDog book.

7 Ways You Should Ask Someone Out On A Date Before You Get Married Or Die

If you’ve found that dream girl or guy you’d like to ask out but are too afraid to ask face to face, normally you would go for texting or maybe even emailing them. I am now going to list 7 ways you can ask your date you may or may not have tried before, but you definitely should try them… just for the experience. Embracing new internet trends and technologies, and exploiting their easy of contact, we’re giving you ways of levelling the playing field and making it easier (or funnier at least) to get dates!

1. facebook your date
If you’re a member on Facebook you can ask your target via here. A good way to do it would be to either post a message to them. You can do this privately, or post it on their “wall”. A simple “fancy going out for a drink?” should do the trick. If they ignore it you know the answer.
You could also speak to them on chat. Just a simple hello, how you doing conversation should get it going, then pop the question, in the safety of your own home hiding behind your computer screen
One very controversial thing you could do is actually start a group, called “Join this group if you think {your dates name} should go out on a date with me” – you don’t even have to to tell him or her about it or invite him or her to the group, once it gains some momentum he or she will hear about it, and get in contact with you… and at this stage I can’t tell you whether they’ll be pleased or angry. It’s all good fun at least?

2. Hit them up on MSN messenger LMAO
Ahh.. the old classic. Instant messenger. If you have their instant messenger id you can add them and start a conversation with them, and tell them you should go on a date together. If they don’t reply you can always use msn messengers built in “nudge” feature, which can get rather annoying, but he or she won’t be that annoyed with you… will they?
For those of you that want to mix it up a bit you can use certain animations. A lot of the messengers have them built in and are very similar to one another, but the idea is you send an animation, like a bit of a greeting card, to portray a certain message. I’m sure you can be creative and find a few heart and love ones to woo your dream date.

3 skype ’em
It’s not the same as calling them right? No… that would be too scary. This is an internet phone… Skype…it’s all cool. Get their id and give them a ring. Don’t worry it’s nothing serious, you;re not really calling them… it’s an internet phone remember?
So ring with full confidence, and close the deal of a date with your dream partner

4 ask someone through a dating site
You can always message them through a dating website. That’s if they’re on there… If not, why not ask them to join. There’s loads of dating sites. Recommend it to them, with little or no hint of the intention you have to message them through the dating site.
Fashion your profile, put up your best pictures, and message her as if you’ve never spoke to him or her before If you haven’t ever actually spoken to him or her this will be easy.

5 Tweet Your @dreamdate
Twitter, one of the newer cousins of the whole “social networking revolution”, may be your answer to getting in their with that dream date of yours. Twitter is basically where you follow people and people follow you… and you tell them all about what you are doing or thinking.
You can send “tweets” direct to people on twitter, so my advice is, “tweet” your dream date. You have to put a little @ sign and then their username, then your message. Simple… so for example:
@dreamdate So You Fancy A Drink Sometime?
There you go now you’ve officially tweeted a date. Twitter.com

6 build a website
Now come on, how many people do you know have their own website built especially for them? I don’t know any. Now if someone made you a website all for you, specifically about them going on a date with you, well… you would wouldn’t you?
This is what you’re going to do. You need to go get a free website at blogger or wordpress, and choose the name of the site to be something simple like their name.
Now, without being freaky (not sure how this can’t be freaky) source a load of pictures from them and make a bit of an online shrine, pleading for a date with them. Include ideas for the date, and maybe a little contact form so she can get in touch when she see’s the site and she’s oh so happy with it! It might just work… it might just work.

7 shoot a video and post it on youtube
We’ve all seen those embarassing videos online. Why not shoot your own? Get a flip camera, and shoot a video telling all the reasons why you should both go on a date. Send the video via a link to his or her facebook. I’m sure thy’ll be flattered and not freaked out at all!